Buying a used medium sized diesel - what would you recommend?

I am looking to buy a medium sized diesel without DPF. After reading too many internet forums I am now unable to decide what to plump for given that there seems to be so many diesels that have expensive common faults - DPF issues, Turbo issues, injector issues etc:

I would like to car to have at least reasonable performance so in all likelihood be a TD and ideally not be too expensive to tax.

I have up to £6k to spend, £6.5k at a push, but am not against spending less if it means getting an older car that is less likely to have a propensity for specific/known expensive common problems.

What car(s) would you recommend I consider?

Asked on 8 April 2013 by Lewis77

Answered by Honest John
KIA cee'd and Hyundai i30 1.6CRDIs did not have DPFs up to around mid 2010, are chain cam engines, so no timing belts to replace and are generally reliable. Even those fitted with DPFs do not seem to be trouble.
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