My car's lacking power - and there are exhaust fumes in the cabin

The garage says I need a new turbocharger. It boosts through the lower gears, but when it's on an incline, it seems to hold back and stay on 2000rpm in sixth gear. There is also the smell of exhaust fumes - is it a split manifold?

Asked on 15 December 2012 by steed

Answered by Alan Ross
Well firstly you need to have the exhaust checked out, could be a joint connection etc.

Then ask the garage to carry out a diagnostic check ( once the exhaust is sorted) and see if it shows up a fault code.Do not go changing the turbo unless absolutely sure.

There could be many things that could be the problem ie One of the many sensors fitted, hence the need to have a diagnostic carried out first. fault code should be P ---- 4 numbers.
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