Non-starting Volkswagen - can you help?

My son's 53-plate Volkswagen Polo 1.4-litre petrol will not start. He tells me he has been having trouble for the past three weeks. The engine was turning over fine, but slow to fire up - and once running it was no problem.

Then yesterday, he parked-up, and upon returning an hour, later it would not start. I have taken each spark plug out individually, and they all spark okay. Also, I have removed the fuel line, and turned the key - plenty of fuel comes through.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Asked on 26 November 2012 by nales

Answered by Alan Ross
Well it may be that one of the sensors is faulty, normally a diagnostic check will show this up by a fault code(ie P ---- 4 numbers)

Otherwise it is a case of checking each sensor

Given what you have said, did he have any warning lights come up at all? We would suggest that the obvious things are checked (ie, air/vacuum pipes/connections, condition of fuel filter/air filter).

Then would check the CKP (crankshaft position sensor)then the MAF (mass air flow sensor) Then the MAP (manifold absolute pressure sensor) and then the ECT (engine coolant temp sensor). Any one of these failing could result in non starting...
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