Why is my car slow to start when cold?

I have a 2014 Ford C-MAX 2.0 litre diesel (163HP) which is starting to show a reluctance to start instantly in the morning when cold (below 10 degrees ambient). The engine needs a few turns before firing up and can be rough for a couple of seconds before settling down. Starting when warm or even a couple of hours after stopping is not a problem. Is this pointing to a glow plug or engine management problem and how much might this cost to fix?

Asked on 29 May 2024 by Lewis Wynne

Answered by Alan Ross
It could well be one or more of the glow plugs. We would suggest that you try switching the Ignition on leave for 20 secs the switch off .Then repeat again twice more and then see if it starts okay

If so then would consider checking/replacing the glow plugs. The cost should be around £20 each and they are easy enough to change yourself.
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