What should I do about an unsolved fault in a new car?

My wife bought an Evoque 28.6.12 and all was well till a couple of weeks ago (around 3k miles) at which point the stop start function stopped working and an annoying rattle developed somewhere around the rear nearside door. She reported these faults and the vehicle was duly booked into the supplying dealer and inspected today.

The dealership, which has always been very courteous, thinks it has sorted the rattle but was unable to resolve the stop/start problem. The technician commented that they have had a few Evoques with the same problem which is a "software problem" which they do not have a fix for yet. He said the dealership would get in touch with us sometime in the future with a view to resolving the problem.

We are concerned that this may drag on and we want to protect ourselves - how should we proceed?

Asked on 16 October 2012 by grahamhaddow

Answered by Honest John
Switch off the stop start function entirely. The benefit is minimal compared to the nuisance factor. It is really only there to help the car qualify for a lower CO2 emissions band and therefore lower annual tax.
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