Advice on parking fine

Last November, after using the wifes car, I overstayed in a parking slot and she received a parking fine letter from Premier Parking. Taking advice from your website and Money Saving Expert we ignored the letters. Today she has received 2 separate letters from Debt Recovery Plus Ltd (with two different reference numbers but same vehicle) stating that payment £150.00 must be made within 7 days. She is obviously very concerned and worried.

What advice would you give please?
Continue to ignore?
Offer £10 in full and final settlement and state that any further correspondence will be treated as harassment.

On principle after paying £1.60 - and over staying I don't see the fat fine as a reasonable payment request.

Asked on 23 August 2012 by no_idea

Answered by Honest John
Offer £10 in full and final settlement and state that any further corresponmdance will be treated as harassment. Out of 1,800,000 parking charge notices issued last year, only 49 went to court and the parking enforcers won only 24. They cannot touch you without a court order.
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