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My Ford Galaxy won't start

I have a problem with a Y reg 2000 Ford Galaxy MkII 2.3 petrol manual. The engine doesn't start or even attempt to turn over. All the dash lights come on as normal but when the key gets turned all the way it's just dead. When it was recovered the AA guy was able to narrow it down to being a problem with the ignition circuit but that was the best he could manage.

I've changed over Relay 30 just in case this was the cause and it's not made any difference. Any advice on possible cause and fix would be appreciated.

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Well you are indicating that you have a dead battery. But if so would have thought that the AA man would have identified that. Have you had the battery checked out, ie voltage check? Would not consider the ignition system until the engine will turn over.

If you replace the battery (or re charge it) when you fit it to the car, DO NOT switch anything on and leave it for 30 mins. Then try to restart.

If it is not the battery then let me know.
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