Speeding in Dorset - this can't be right

Thanks for earlier reply about Gatso camera at Chideock, Dorset.

The Dorset Police have again failed to reply to my second letter points, but have sent a curt letter telling me they will be prosecuting me in the magistrates court for exceeding a 30mph limit, on the main A35 surrounded by open fields on three sides, with one 30mph sign overgrown with hedgegrow and the second 30mph wilfully rotated 90 degrees on a telegraph pole so drivers could not see it, at 07.00 on a half light early morning with nothing at all on the roads for at least a full five minutes either way.

Is there any organisation you know of that could aoffer advice when I get to court ?

I tried the Police complaints procedure, and that has obviously got their backs up even more, hence the curt letter from the Head of Dorset Police!

Asked on 30 July 2012 by K90

Answered by Honest John
The Association of British Drivers (www.abd.org.uk) may be able to help. This camera is notorious.
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