Rear Axle failed on 4 yr old 4x4 low milage no off road,dealer bought and serviced -should I be paying for this repair ???

My Grand Cherokee suffered major mechanical failure last week while on motorway. oil leak in Diff lead to rear axel damage. It is a dealer bought and serviced car. It has done 30,000 miles and is a Jan 08 model. It has done no off road or towing. Dealer initially offered goodwill repair then called to say that Fiat Auto UK ( who now own Chrysler)had refused as car was too old and overdue this years service. I was told I had to take up problem myself with Fiat AutoUK. Several phone calls have got me nowhere. I do not have a named person I can call - Fiat in Slough keep putting me through to customer services in Italy and they cant help and do not recognise the Claim ID I was given by the dealer. Can yopu advise ?help???

Asked on 24 July 2012 by Willowrosealex

Answered by Honest John
All you would ever be entitled to would be a Goodwill claim and only if the car had been serviced on time by a Chrysler dealer. The simple argument is that if the car had been brought in for service in time the leak would have been spotted before the diff lost all its oil and failed as a result. But if you aren't happy you can always get three competitive quotations for the work and take the matter to the Small Claims Track of the County Court. The law is here:
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