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Dealer selling my old car with false info

I recently sold my Audi TT to a local garage in and have now discovered that he has sold it on to another dealer who is advertising it on the internet and claiming the car has full service history, I owned the car for 5 years and it only has ever had 3 services it is nearly a 10 year old car, and certainly doesnt have a full service history.

I am annoyed that they are advertising the car like this as someone is going to buy this car on false info and also worried that either the garage I sold it to or the dealer who has it now has falsely filled in the service history, is there anyone I can contact to complain or report this matter?

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Yes. The Trading Standards Office that covers the location the trader is selling the car from. I guess they gave you a low price because it did not have a full service history. And now have it up for sale at a high price justified by the cooked up full service history. That's dishonest and is precisely what Trading Standards is supposed to come down on. Though whether it does is another matter entirely.
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