France and breathalysers

Now that it is a legal requirement in France to carry, at all times, a couple of self testing breathalyser kits in your vehicle, is it possible to carry, instead, one of the 'alcosense' re-usable breathalisers? They are regularly advertised in the telegraph motoring supplement and other motoring related magazines. If visiting France regularly this could make more sense, plus it gives the opportunity to test yourself at any time.

Asked on 2 July 2012 by johntakeiteasy

Answered by Honest John
Unfortunately not. You have to have the NF approved breath bags. Bloody stupid.
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Would a reputable British breathalyser, such as the Alcosense Elite, obviate the need to purchase multiple French breathalysers in the light of recently introduced legislation in France?
I am going to France with my son who will be driving his own car. He is inclined to dismiss the legal requirements regarding items of kit to carry. Would you enlighten him please for my peace of mind.
Where can I buy a breathalyser approved for use in France?

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