Mondeo running on three cylinders

One cylinder on my 02 Mondeo is not firing. The garage replaced the coil pack, plugs leads, injectors and rail and they've done a compression test. The same cylinder that wasn't running before this still isn't running and now they think its the ECU.

Asked on 18 April 2012 by wee scot

Answered by Alan Ross
When was a diagnostic check carried out - before anything was changed?
This would have then highlighted where the fault was.

They only had to change over one of the coil packs from a good cylinder to the bad cylinder to see if the coil pack was any good, same with the plugs.

If they carried out a compression check what were the readings?

It's difficult to understand - if they carried out diagnostic check it would have shown the fault.

Do they have a spark at the plug? If not it's still an electrical problem, else it is either related to the internals of engine or the fuel system.
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