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2009 Mondeo clutch problem

I've got a 2009/59 Mondeo diesel - 140hp 2-litre, manual, Titanium X. I bought it from TC Harrison in Peterborough at 10,000 miles; they had previously owned it as a directors' car. It now has 34000 miles.

At about 28000 miles it developed a problem where the revs would drop suddenly when accelerating in gear - it would get to about 3000rpm and drop to 2500, then rise and fall for a few moments. This came with a loss of power. The problem has gradually got worse and now the revs occasionally run away and I have difficulty selecting gears.

I took the car to Bussey's in Norwich for investigation. After about 9 trips to the dealer they got a Ford technician to review the car. They feel the clutch and flywheel have failed and that this is not covered by warranty.

Several questions.

I don't think it is acceptable for a clutch and flywheel to fail from 28000 miles. I mostly use the car on dual carriageways and have never, ever had a clutch fail on me in my previous cars. I tow a trailer very occasionally, but again only on major roads and it's well below the towing limit.

Should Ford contribute? If so how do I make them do so?

Is £1600 reasonable?

Is this often a problem with the Mondeo?

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Might be a DMF problem. One of the earliest I've heard of. Or might be a duff clutch slave cylinder that has lead to the clutch dragging and wore it out prematurely. Yes, Ford should contribute.
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