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I believe my speeding charge is far too harsh - could I argue it in court?

I was recently stopped by an unmarked police car and accused of exceeding a temporary 40mph speed limit on a dual carriageway at 9.45am. I maintained 40mph throughout the road works and accelerated to about 60mph on the last stretch (about 100yds) of 40mph limit and carried on at 70mph. I was issued with a £60 fine three points on my licence, which I believe is too much, just for speeding the small distance. The officer said I can take this matter to court but he had recorded video as proof. On the notice he only mentioned exceeding speed limit as committed offence. Would I be successful at court?

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This mean-minded copper's parents obviously were not married. But the answer is almost definitely not. Your best bet is to get on a speed awareness course instead of fine and points, if that is offered to you.
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