Spring fever - Saab woes

I have a 2005/55 SAAB 9-3, which at 45,000 miles suffered a broken front spring. A neighbour and fellow 9-3 owner has just had a similar problem and drew my attention to SAAB website Forum which had a long debate on the subject and suggested a recall was in order.

An approach to our local dealer and on to SAAB has proved that they appear not to want to know about the problem. Is it widespread and what has been other peoples' experiences?

Asked on 14 March 2010 by RJ, Prenton

Answered by Honest John
Very common on 'Epsilon' floorpan SAAB 9-3s and Vauxhall Vectras. But a much wider problem since it's also common on all European makes and models of cars, partly due to the quality of steel, partly due to the way the springs are wound, partly due to the way the springs are finished at the ends, partly due to the way the springs are mounted, partly due to the way the springs are coated and partly due to the proliferation of speed humps, speed cushions and potholes in Britain. Strangely not common in Far Eastern built cars bought and used in Europe.
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