Did you know that short journeys are bad for the environment as well as for your car?

Regarding your comments about short runs by IC-engined vehicles, (and engines in general), you're absolutely right. Short (cold) runs are bad for the engine, but even worse for the environment. The ECU will hold the engine in cold start enrichment/increased low idle speed mode for a petrol, or afterglow mode for a diesel, and the catalyst will not reach "light off" temperature, so increasing pollution. Engines where the catalyst in very near to, or incorporated into, the exhaust manifold are a little better, but cannot cope with those who chose drive for half a mile or so each way. For a diesel equipped with a DPF, there is the added danger of engine/vehicle runaway if the practice is habitual. It could be, quite literally, lethal.

Asked on 10 February 2011 by HL, via email

Answered by Honest John
Could not agree more. In fact you have rewritten what I have written hundreds if not thousands of times over the last couple of years.
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