Can I suggest that your correspondent FD of Brentwood lowers his seat to avoid leg ache?

I suggest that FD of Brentwood should try lowering his seat cushion. I too am 6-feet 1-inch tall, and drive an automatic. When I bought my present car I experienced a pain in my right leg until I adjusted the seat to its lowest position, and this immediately cured the problem. My wife (who is shorter than myself) drives her car with the seat raised to help see over the bonnet. Whenever I drive her car my leg starts to ache after only a few minutes, but lowering the cushion then takes the pain away. The only downside is that anyone sitting behind me (in both cars) is unable to get their feet underneath the rear of my seat.

Asked on 13 November 2010 by ES, Harrow

Answered by Honest John
Well yes, that would enable you to drive more straight legged. But the best means of avoiding leg ache is a long squab that supports the entire length of your thighs. Surprisingly, even small cars like the Mazda 2 have generously long squabs. I did 850 kilometres in a day in one without a twinge. Similarly, 1,050 kilometres last Sunday in a Honda CR-Z with low seats and long squabs. And I regularly drive 300 miles non stop in FIAT 500s that also have surprisingly long squabs.
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