Why am I being penalised by my insurance company for an accident caused by someone else whilst I was reversing?

I was reversing on a street, parallel with and close to the curb in an end parking bay, when a van came from ahead, passed my car and tried to sneak in the bay behind me, colliding with my rear nearside but causing me virtually no damage, although denting his nearside panel. I made no claim for my slight scratch but was furious when the other party claimed against my insurer, which agreed to pay. I complained and was told when challenging in court, a reversing vehicle is always found to beat fault, so it was not worth contesting. This means I will probably have an increased premium next year for something which was absolutely no fault of mine. Is this reasonable?

Asked on 13 November 2010 by MW, Ascot

Answered by Honest John
No, not reasonable. But because insurance is compulsory it has now attracted the most venal types of investors and all insurance costs are going to rise considerably to pay for their yachts and private islands at their offshore tax havens. Something for Nick Clegg to work on, but even if he wanted to his bosses might not let him.
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