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Should I go for this discounted Audi A3 or buy an Audi A1 instead?

My local Audi dealer is offering me an Audi A3 1.6 Technik, black, 3-door for £15,000. He says it's £1,500 under the usual price as this is his last one in stock for a while. Should I be cautious, as I'm looking to pay full amount for it? Also I’m not sure whether to go for this or the Audi A1. Which one in your opinion is better value and drive? I have driven the A3 Technik and am very happy with it, but the A1 has tempted me too.

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A1s are in short supply and residual values of small Audis are sky high. Although updated, the A3 is now starting to become an old model. It's bigger than the A1 with a lot more rear seat legroom. But, of course, the A1 is newer and trendier. If you go for an A1, go for an SE, not one on silly 17-inch wheels with 45 profile tyres that give no steering feel and jar your bones over bumps. Video test here:
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