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Should I go for the 19-inch wheel option when I buy my new Honda CR-V?

I am thinking of buying a top-of-the-range Honda CR-V 2.2 Diesel Auto with the Advanced Anti Collision system. This is probably the most expensive car in the mid range SUV's but is it the best? Most of my mileage is clocked on French roads so I'm not worried about the DPF. This model comes with 18-inch wheels but 19-inch wheels are an option. Would these make much difference to the ride and performance of the vehicle?

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If you're driving distances, this should be very comfortable. Not a strong performer, though. I averaged about 41mpg from the previous, pre-DPF 2.2iCDTI manual over six months. Definitely don't go for the bling 19-inch wheels. Much more comfortable on 18s, and more comfortable still on 17s with 225/65 R17s.
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Roomy and versatile. Very comfortable, pleasant and relaxing to drive. not at all cumbersome. 2.2 i-CTDI diesel is excellent.

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