Will Volkswagen replace the ABS/ESP unit in my Golf?

Is it possible to get Volkswagen to pay for the replacement of the ABS/ESP unit in my Golf, even though the repair has been undertaken by a garage other than a Volkswagen dealer?

Asked on 14 October 2010 by PC, via email

Answered by Honest John
Volkswagen will not contribute to any work done outside its dealer chain. When the problem occurs an owner’s first course of action is to email: volkswagencustomercare@volkswagen.co.uk. If you don't then get then get the job done for less than £500, go to www.ecutesting.co.uk or www.sinspeed.co.uk , send the ABS/ESP module to them and they will repair it for £350. VOSA has not directly ordered a vehicle safety recall for this fault, but Volkswagen is now replacing the modules FOC on cars 3–4 years old and at minimum cost on cars 4–5 years old that have been fully serviced by Volkswagen dealers.
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