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Why is the DVLA so difficult to deal with? My driving licence is registered to one of two addresses I live at. I thought for simplicity I would get the licence changed to the address where my insurance is registered, so I sent off the old style licence with a request that the address be changed. Back came the licence with a letter saying if I renewed my passport they would give me a new licence with photo etc., registered to the address I wanted. What nonsense. What’s the passport got to do with it? They also told me I was not breaking the law at all. So I checked with my insurers and they were cool. They said as long as the licence is valid that was ok. Is this bureaucrats going mad? GG, Barnhurst, Kent.

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They were actually being helpful. The only kind of new driving licence that can now be issued is a photocard. If you have a recent passport with a biometric photo, the DVLA can obtain your image for your photocard from the Passport Agency. The reason for that is the biometric photo on your passport is already verified. Saves a lot of hassle in getting a qualified person to verify that a photo you send them is you.
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