Buying a car to tow 2500KG

I have a 90,000 mile 53 plate Nissan X-Trail with a head gasket on its way out (so I'm told).

I have two small children and two small dogs and regulaly drive to Northern France from London. The replacement car will also need to VERY occassionally tow a horse box with two horses along flat roads, short distances (five miles max) in France.

We don't tend to offroad except an occassional horse track for a couple of hundred metres.

Should I be looking for another 4X4 or would a powerful estate be able to cope? Which style would be better value? If I go for an estate, should I go for a higher millage Volvo, or something with a lower mileage that might be less rugged? I am not image-conscious when it comes to cars!

Asked on 13 January 2012 by Richard Corthine

Answered by Honest John
You cannot legally tow what will probably amount to 2,500kg with any large car. You have to have a 4WD or a pick-up with an appropriate towing capacity. A current model Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 diesel manual or the equivalent KIA Sorento can tow 2,500kg, many pick-ups, including the Isuzu Rodeo can tow 3,000kg, Land Rover Defenders and Discovery III/IV can tow 3,500kg.
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