Which convertible?

My wife has a Saab 9-3 convertible (53) which she has loved.

Recently things have started to go wrong, mostly electrical - windows, central locking and trim breaking.

She would like to have a similar car but perhaps a little better built. I was favouring a MINI or Golf, either new or ideally 1-2 years old, but accepts that the MINI might have too little shopping space.

Our small dog sits happily on the back seat (with seat belt). We did consider a used Mercedes last time.

Good economy would be nice but milage is only 7k/yr. Budget is up to £22k but I would happily keep some of that in the bank as I prefer to buy after some of the eye watering depreciation has happened.

Asked on 3 January 2012 by cd65

Answered by Honest John
The R57 MINI convertible is quite sweet: www.honestjohn.co.uk/road-tests/mini/mini-converti.../ At the other end, the Lexus IS250C is amazingly refined, top up or down, but probably a bit more than £22k. Maybe an Audi A3 convertible. Eos a bit of a worry because of leaks. 308CC not bad.
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Neat cloth-topped, four seater A3 based convertible with decent boot and fold-down rear seats. Best with 2.0 TFSI engine.
Incredibly refined. Barely any top-down turbulence. Metal-folding roof retracts smoothly. Effortless performance.
Highly desirable and very pretty. Handles well even with the roof down. Lower emissions than previous MINI Convertible. Air conditioning now standard.
Much improved over 307CC. Reasonable range of engines and transmissions.
Goes and handles well with space for four adults. Decent luggage trunk top up and fresh air top down.

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