Peugeot 308 CC (2009 – 2015) Review

Peugeot 308 CC (2009 – 2015) At A Glance


+Much improved over 307CC. Reasonable range of engines and transmissions.

-Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Optional 18-inch wheels with don't help the ride. Four speed automatic is a duffer.

Insurance Groups are between 16–32
On average it achieves 93% of the official MPG figure

They should have issued the Peugeot 308CC with a Bank Holiday weather warning.

Filming day dawned with drizzle. But the local forecast said there might be a few sunny spells by late afternoon.

So we postponed the start. Got the car down to Bosham by 2.00pm. Had a late pub lunch. Then, by the time we had finished, the tide had gone out and the skies had cleared. Briefly.

How better to test the robustness of an electric folding hard top?

Ours upped and downed between showers completely at least 15 times. It wasn't the fastest, taking around 20 seconds. But it certainly showed no sign of failure. And remained leak proof whatever Mother Nature chucked at it.

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Real MPG average for a Peugeot 308 CC (2009 – 2015)


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Average performance


Real MPG

28–55 mpg

MPGs submitted


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Why does the battery in my car go flat after a week if I don't drive it?

"The battery in my Peugeot 308CC was draining frequently, especially in cold weather. I replaced the battery seven months ago but it still goes flat after a week if the car isn't used. Peugeot dealer says to drive it more often. Cannot help but think there's an underlying problem with this cars electrical system. Can you offer any advice?"
Yes, there will be and because the battery has already been drained so often it will have lost its capacity to hold a full charge so will only get worse. Call in a local car electrical specialist. Possibly something to do with the roof mechanism. A fault with the interior light switch would drain the battery overnight.
Answered by Honest John

What's the best family friendly convertible for £6500?

"I'm new to cars and am about to buy my first decent motor. I quite fancy a good looking convertible, as I love driving roof down in summer; however, I have a wife and two children and need more than two seats. Can you recommend something suitable?"
This sort of suggests a Peugeot 308CC, but you have to be careful over wheel and tyre size (stick to 16" with 205/55 R16 tyres, don't go to 18s) and don't buy a 4-speed automatic. You will get a BMW E46 convertible with a canvas hood, but not likely to find an E93CC. Focus CCs were's bad. Volvo C70s okay, too. Avoid diesels.
Answered by Honest John

Will 16-inch wheels clear the brake calipers on my Peugeot 308 CC?

"I asked you where I could purchase different size wheels for a Peugeot 308 CC TVi Allure to improve its ride. It is currently on 225/40 R18s. You suggested a set of four TUV-approved 16-inch Alutec wheels from and a set of 205/55 R16 tyres, but my local Peugeot dealer spares man tells me that the downsize to 16-inch wheels is not possible due to the size of the brake calipers. He mentioned something about bigger calipers to counter the extra weight from strengthening the car for its opening roof."
I can understand where he is coming from, but not according to Peugeot, which lists the wheels and tyre sizes for the 308CC as follows: Izalco 7Jx16 alloy wheels – 215/55R16 tyres. Stromboli 7.5Jx17 alloy wheels – 225/45R17 tyres. Lincancabur 8Jx18 alloy wheels – 225/40R18 tyres. From:
Answered by Honest John

Which convertible?

"My wife has a Saab 9-3 convertible (53) which she has loved. Recently things have started to go wrong, mostly electrical - windows, central locking and trim breaking. She would like to have a similar car but perhaps a little better built. I was favouring a MINI or Golf, either new or ideally 1-2 years old, but accepts that the MINI might have too little shopping space. Our small dog sits happily on the back seat (with seat belt). We did consider a used Mercedes last time. Good economy would be nice but milage is only 7k/yr. Budget is up to £22k but I would happily keep some of that in the bank as I prefer to buy after some of the eye watering depreciation has happened."
The R57 MINI convertible is quite sweet: At the other end, the Lexus IS250C is amazingly refined, top up or down, but probably a bit more than £22k. Maybe an Audi A3 convertible. Eos a bit of a worry because of leaks. 308CC not bad.
Answered by Honest John
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