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Can opener

We are looking to change our Discovery 3 for a new or nearly new convertible and I wonder if you have any suitable suggestions. The car must have some fun factor. The car has to be big enough to accommodate two children (one five and one two) and two adults occasionally, most of the time the car will only have one person in it. The car will also be used for business so must be acceptable for that. We had thought about a FIAT 500C but have some concerns about the size. Can you recommend anything either new or used that may fit the bill? Budget is up to £15,000 but could be stretched if worthwhile. Also are there any cars that have a full-length sunroof that may give the “open air feel” but offer four doors, as my wife is not convinced about the two-door option?

Asked on 17 July 2010 by IS, via email

Answered by Honest John
A FIAT 500C is great fun, but reader feedback tells me the diesel has problems if you do a lot of short runs. It's only good for long runs. Test and video: Or you could go for a MINI Cooper convertible. Test and video:
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Immensely competent in all environments from serious off roading and towing to motorways and country lanes. Handsome looks. Roomy, classy full seven-seater
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