Vauxhall Corsa - 'mayo' in the breather pipe.

We have an 09 reg Corsa 1.2 that has 62k on the clock. We have had it since new and it has a full Vauxhall service history.

At the weekend the breather pipe from the cyl head looked mis-shapen so I removed it to look. It is full of heavy 'mayonnaise.'

There is none anywhere else (around the cams, dipstick, oil filler or coolant header)

Any ideas of the problem and would you expect it to be covered by warranty?

Asked on 22 November 2011 by Bibendum

Answered by Honest John
Might be cracked head or head gasket problem. But more likely simply to be condensation from the type of use the car has had - too many short runs from cold when it did not get hot enough to evaporate off the condensation.
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