Steering issues on a CR-V

CR-V had issues from new with wheel alignment finally resolved at aprox 28k.

Honda just advised in reply to me concern re juddering in the steering when turning that I need a Diff Flush (£117) and more worryingly both track rods have excessive play, but safe to drive at the moment at a cost of £570.

Should I have this sort of problem after so few miles and could it be related to previous wheel alignment issues, or is this just a 4x4 issue? My car has not had an "off road" life but gentle motorway and local mileage?

Asked on 13 November 2011 by jamiep

Answered by Honest John
The diff flush is needed sometimes on CRVs because of the way the rear diff vents. It can let in water. But track rod ends is a new one. I'll record in car by car breakdown.
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