Water leak in recent Ford Kuga

I bought a Ford Direct (10 reg) Ford Kuga from a Ford Dealer last December. The front passenger footwell gets wet when it rains heavily, usually whilst the car is parked.

My local Ford dealer had it in and told us we'd left the door open. Unlikely, but not possible to disprove. Water continued to get in. Took the car back. They said Ford had now sent out a procedure for a fix. We've had the car back, but it's no better than before. I'm happy to give them a third chance to rectify, but what are my rights if they fail again?

Asked on 21 October 2011 by Bob from Kendal

Answered by Honest John
Will be coming in via the pollen filter possibly because the seal has failed or because the waterproof cover has been misaligned, or because the drains to the scuttle vent well are blocked.
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