Parking fine and debt recovery threats

I recieved a parking fine of £90 for a 16 minute overstay in a 'euro car parks' car park on the 27/06/11. I followed Honest John's advice to appeal the fine as I had been shopping in the retail park in which I had parked and offered a settlement of £10, this was later returned and the £90 demanded again. I then followed Honest John advice to ignore the reminder and have now recieved a letter from 'Debt Recovery Plus Ltd' now demanding £150 within 7 days otherwise the case could be taken to court. What should I do now?

Asked on 19 September 2011 by jas27

Answered by Honest John
Tell them to take the case to court and fight it in court. It's a civil case so they have to invite you to the court and if it is not convenient to you, you can demand that the case be heard in a court convenient to you. The chances of them taking the case to court are very small, particularly since you offered a 'reasonable' settlement and it was turned down, possibly by an automated system.
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