New 4x4s?

We have an old Suzuki Vitara for local and off-road use (which it does lots of) and we've been really pleased with it.

We need another car for some commuting and longer runs but we live at the end of a farm track across the moors so it needs good clearance and possibly a 4x4 option.

It would also be good to have something reliable and relatively cheap to run. Does such a thing exist? We have up to about £8,000 to spend.

Asked on 30 August 2011 by JP

Answered by Honest John
A later Vitara. They were hugely improved in 2006 and from then came in two lengths. But obviously no true 4x4 with a transfer box and low range can be anything like as ecponomical as a simpler car. A possible compromise is a Suzuki SX4 or FIAT Sedici 1.9 diesel 4WD. That's a car, with no low range. But it does have decent ground clearance. And is quite a good vehicle.
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