New Freelander or used Discovery?

Not a terrible position to be in but I have the option of a new Freelander 2 XS as a company car (£270-80 per month tax at 40%) or a 5-6yr old Discovery 3 for 15-18k which would be paid for by the company allowance of £500 per month (£300 after tax).

When you weigh up insurance and possible issues with the Disco there's not a great deal in it I don't think. Possibly down to preference but your opinion would be much appreciated as I'm struggling to make a decision, I have had a 07 plate Freelander and loved it but feel I should sample a big boy's toy!?

Asked on 3 May 2013 by Andy

Answered by Honest John
No point in getting the Disco unless you regularly have the need to carry 7 people. You can only expect about 25mpg from the 2.7V6 diesel.
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