Corsa C 1.0 Misfire

I have 2004 Corsa 1.0 Life Twinport (3 cyclinders) and the engine light comes on and sometimes goes off.

The car idles very rough and does not have much power and the engine shudders.
When I ran a disgnostics I got the error code for "Cyclinder 2 Misfire"
When I took out all of the spark plugs the middle one was covered in oil.
I replaced all of the spark plugs, but it still idles rough and I get the same error code after some time.
I checked the spark plugs again and the middle one is not the same colour as the other 2.

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It would appear that you have a problem with No 2 cylinder(if it is oil.)
It could be that you have the valve stem seal's gone (which is allowing oil to get into the cylinder) or you have a piston ring worn/broken which is allowing oil into the cylinder.
Would suggest that you get a compression test done on all cylinders (and compare aginst each other).
If compressions are all good and the same,then it could be the valve stem oil seals.
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