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Failed bodywork repairs

During April, I paid a considerable amount of money in fixing my Honda's off-side rear wheel arch which had rusted in two areas. The rust returned in one area and was subsequently repaired again under warranty during July. Less than two weeks after getting my car back, what I presume is rust has returned to the same area (the paint is bubbling from beneath).

To say I am very disappointed would be an understatement. My car successfully fought off rust for 10 years, but the body repairs fail to survive two weeks. Additionally I had a side skirt and the rear skirt reprayed, but the colour match is substandard. I do not like this body repair shop having my car as on both occasions when I have got it back, there have been numerous issues which I have had to resolve myself, including broken / missing trim clips and lots of lacquer overspray which I've spent hours polishing away. What do you recommend I do in this situation? What are my legal rights? Would it be advisable to give them one more chance and state that if the rust returns, I shall take it elsewhere for repairs and charge them?

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Unless the sheetmetal is cut out and new sheetmetal welded in, this is always going to happen. You have to accept that your car is past the end of its design life and is not worth continually patching up.
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