Won't rev past 2,000 rpm

I have recently bought a 1998 S reg Corsa Breeze 1.7 diesel. The car has been absolutely fine, however whilst driving it there was a sudden jerk and lost all speed. Naturally I pulled over immediately and shut off the engine, however when I restarted the car I gave it a little rev and I noticed it wouldn't rev past 2000 rpm and when I tried driving it was the same in every gear, The egr valve is working and the car has a supply of fuel, the filter is fine and the exhaust has got a good pressure. There are a few loose wires which I've reconnected and I have since had a fault finding computer plugged in with no results so i'm baffled as to what the problem could be.

Asked on 27 June 2011 by jay cavo

Answered by Alan Ross
It sounds as tough the engine has gone into limp mode. This is when a fault exists and that fault is signalled back to the ECU (engine management system) which in turn reduces power output to protect the engine.
Normally you would also get a warning light come up on the dash,however it would appear that you haven't and also have not got any fault codes.

Therefore one would have to assume that a sensor is showing a fault,
You have a accelerator pedal position sensor
An air intake sensor (intake duct)
A Hot mass airflow meter(intake duct)
A crankshaft sensor
A Charge pressure sensor (inlet manifold)
A Injection pump shaft sensor
Not easy top identify what is at fault, would suggest that you check out all the air/vacuum side of the intake for loose/split/damaged pipes. Make sure the air filter is clean. The crankshaft sensor by looking at it, if unsure change it (its not expensive).
After that if still no joy would suggest that it would need to go into a reputable garage for checking out of the sensors.
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