Why is there no acceleration from my BMW 5 Series?

I have a 2006 BMW 525i and there's a problem with the acceleration. The car idles fine with no noticeable odd noises coming from the engine. When I press on the accelerator the revs very slowly climb to around 3-4000 rpm. There is virtually no power in acceleration and it seems like it is in "limp mode". There are no warning lights and no error codes from the ODB.

Asked on 19 August 2019 by Al

Answered by Alan Ross
Without any warning lights and no fault code, this is difficult to identify, so we would check the following.

Air filter - blocked/dirty
Fuel filter - has it been changed in accordance with service schedule
Check for any air /vacuum leaks
Spark Plugs - have they ever been checked /changed
Also if you have the N52 engine then it could be the CMP ( camshaft position ) oil pressure valve stuck/sticking (a known fault) This valve can be removed and cleaned.
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