Young driver looking for insurance advice and new car advice

My uncle who is a car salesman recommended this site for someone who knows very little about how to acquire the cheapest insurance and car for my age (17).

I'm just looking for overall advice on getting cheap insurance and the type of car I should be looking for for my first car, I will provide any other details necessary


Asked on 25 June 2011 by harroh

Answered by Honest John
Cheapest cars to insure are those with the lowest groups: Citroen C1, Peugeot 107, Toyota Aygo, FIAT Panda 1.1, Nissan Pixo, Suzuki Alto. Very good to do a Pass Plus course after passing your test. But insurance for a 17 year old is tough. If you live at home, decide to own and insure your own car then best to put mum and dad on the policy as named drivers. Other options, including smartboxes inside the car at the end of the list here:
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