Blame game

Recently had new timing chain fitted to my 2001 Corsa, as recommended to me by diagnostic expert. Had car back and on 10th day it overheated as I attempted to join a motorway. Mechanic now blames me for the lack of coolant and water in the car, stating I had a leak in my water pump(pity he didn't see this whilst repairing it!).

I think this is a baloney excuse, I have spoken to several mechanics who all agree he is cowboy. I am now left with car with engine completely gone, I will have to sell for scrap value. What can I do? Are there any trade associations I can report this guy to?

Asked on 27 April 2011 by cairo

Answered by Honest John
You could use to sue via the small claims track of the county court. But it will take a long time and you won't necessarily win.
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