Tyre stepping on Passat

A couple of months ago, at around 57,000 miles, I started to notice what I assumed was bearing noise from the rear of my 56-plate VW Passat Tdi 140.

I took it into the local VW dealer who diagnosed stepped rear tyres as the cause. Their only suggestion was to swap the front and rear tyres, which I declined.

KwikFit advised me that stepping is a common problem on Passats and Golfs after 2006 and suggested trying a set of new suspension bushes, new rear shock absorbers and/or new rear tyres, though admitting none of them was a surefire solution.

I'm told it's not a safety issue but the noise is intrusive and annoying. Can you offer any guidance please?

Asked on 18 April 2011 by drystonehouse

Answered by Honest John
No further guidance than you have already received apart from to sell the car. I don't understand why people subscribe to the myth of VW reliability when all they get from cars like the Passat are expensive problems. In contrast, Mondeos are virtually problem free.
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