Running a red light

I have received an S172 Notice of Intended Prosecution for running a red light.

I have viewed the photos on the police website & it's like the they have been taken through a semi-opaque piece of blueish plastic.

All I can see is a car that is the same colour & VAGUELY the same shape as mine.

You can't even tell if there are letters on the number plate, never mind read them.

Do the police have clearer pictures & have just blurred the pictures I'm able to view or are they just guessing it was me & hoping I'll plead guilty?

Please advise whether I should defend myself saying you can't prove it was me or accept the penalty?

Asked on 18 April 2011 by abdulh

Answered by Honest John
They think they have a clear picture of your reg. But you know if it was you, or not. If it wasn't, let the case go to court and dispute the police evidence. if it was, pay up.
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