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I have a Ford Focus 1.6 (2004).

The temperature gauge rises to normal within about 1 mile from acold start and the engine idles at the correct RPM (ie from cold start RPM to Normal Idle RPM.)

After a few miles the temperature gauge rises rapidly into the red then returns to normal. The cooling fan kicks in just before the temp rises in to the red but stays on for much longer. The engine is not overheating at any point. Have changed the CHT sensor in the cylinder head and also the thermostat and the waterpump.

No difference. No fault codes or warning lights. Any ideas?

Asked on 14 April 2011 by hocus pocus focus

Answered by Alan Ross
I must admit that you seem to have changed all the relevant parts of the cooling system. Given that the thermostat is working correctly (ie opening at the correct temperature)it then allows the coolant from the engine block to go into the radiator for cooling. If, as you say, the engine is not overheating, the fan comes on correctly (showing that the circuit is working ok). The only thing I would do next would to be carry out a pressure test on the cooling system, just to make sure there are no leaks at all. From there I would suggest that, given everything is ok, maybe the actual temp gauge itself may be giving a false reading.
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