Are all-season tyres a good choice for ride comfort?

I’ve a 2018 VW Up and it will need new tyres later this year or early next. I’m tempted by Michelin Crossclimates but only the earlier ‘+’ version is available in my size (185/55/R15) rather than the later ‘2’ version. I’m looking for as quiet and pliant a ride as possible. Should I consider some other all-season tyre or is the CC+ still my best option?

Asked on 17 June 2024 by Dick mathews

Answered by David Ross
If you are set on the idea of all-season tyres then the CrossClimate+ is a good choice, as it has a low noise rating of 68dB. However, if you also consider summer tyre options the Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance has the same low noise rating but is rated A for fuel efficiency and B for wet grip, and the Yokohama Advan Fleva V701 is A-rated for wet grip and has an even lower noise rating of 67dB. You could also consider increasing the aspect ratio of your tyres to 60 rather than 55 to give a better ride, but there would be a small trade-off in respect of handling.
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