Will I notice the difference between 68dB-rated tyres and 71dB?

All tyres now have a dB rating. I understand that the noise level is measured outside the car. Is there any correlation to cabin noise? Would you actually notice a difference between a tyre with a 68dB and one with say a 71dB?

Asked on 12 April 2021 by Alan Marco

Answered by Georgia Petrie
You're right about tyre noise being tested externally — which means the noise (or lack thereof) you hear in the cabin will be affected by tyre pressures, road surface, noise dampening within the car etc. With that said, decibel levels are measured on a logarithmic scale. This means that an increase of just a few decibels can represent a big difference in noise levels. You can see a bit more info on that here: www.goodyear.eu/uk_en/truck/eu-tire-label/noise/
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