Why does my Kia Picanto Mark 2 automatic have a slow creep speed?

I have recently bought a 2017 Kia Picanto SE automatic (Mark 2 not mark 3). I learnt to drive in a Polo and the Picanto feels very different when first starting off. The initial forward creep speed barely registers on the speedometer - maybe 1or 2mph. I have to gently press the accelerator to get any useful motion. I raised this with my Kia dealer when I was having some other work down and they said it was a safety feature of this year and model of car. Is that correct?

If so how is it supposed to work? Its frustrating to have to keep slowly depressing the accelerator in slow moving traffic and it really doesn't feel like much of a safety feature. Does applying the service brake fully switch normal creep speeds off so that I should use less pressure or is there some other variable I'm not aware of?

Asked on 9 January 2024 by nixnix68

Answered by David Ross
The amount of 'creep' provided by a car with automatic transmission varies from car to car, but generally speaking on more modern vehicles the amount of creep has been reduced. While this could be considered a safety feature it is more likely to be a fuel-saving feature which reduces the amount of unnecessary fuel used when the car is held on the parking brake whilst in gear.
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