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Heating problem - Peugeot 407 SW

I have owned Peugeot estate since 1998 (406) and then a 407 since Nov 2006.

My car heating wasn't working this winter so it went into a Peugeot dealer(same one since bought - excellent service)in Germany.

They were surprised and shocked to find that, in order to fix the problem, they had to remove the dashboard of the car to replace burnt out plastic parts in between engine and body of car.

This bill (tax free) was 2300 euros (1500 for parts. The car is just over 4 years old and the garage halved the work bill as they were embarrassed by problem having never seen it before.

I have two questions. 1. Is this a problem with all Peugeots? and 2. Am I right to ask for some form of compensation on such a young car?

I am looking to replace my car at the end of this year and it hangs in balance as to whether we will go for another Peugeot.

Asked on 10 March 2011 by DCEF

Answered by Honest John
That problem has come up before. The 407 is generally surprisingly light on faults. You had it fixed in Germany so that alone, as well as the car's age, makes it highly unlikely you will get anything from Peugeot UK. The burned out components could be because something got sucked into the system and jammed it, but normally in that circumstance the fuse would have protected the electrics.
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