Fuel tank collapsed due to a vacuum pressure

A vacuum pressure built up in the fuel tank to the point where it collapsed.
The vacuum was evident when the fuel tank filler cap was removed at the roadside, given that it was very difficult to remove and that air could be heard rushing into the tank when the cap was released.
My local Garage carried out the repair to the fuel tank (blown out) and replaced the resultant broken "in tank" fuel pump/sensor.

All was checked and extensive idle test running carried out, and the car is now running ok, but has only done 40 urban miles so far.

The diagnostic indicators are not showing a problem as yet, but on releasing the fuel filler cap after each journey, I am still hearing a gurgling sound as if fuel is being allowed to get away. So I'm concerned that the symptoms have been fixed but the underlying problem has not.
What could have been the likely initial cause ?
Do you think there is remaining a problem, and if so what should I ask the garage to check?

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Reads like a blocked brather to the fuel tank. Some of these feed through carbon cannisters, so could be that the cannister is choked.
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