Is it illegal to have mixed tread patterns on the same axle?

I have read that you can be fined by the police for having mixed tread tyres fitted on the same axle. Is this true?

My local Citroen dealer replaced one of my Cross Climate Michelin tyres with a Michelin Primacy 4 which has a totally different tread pattern. You advised me to change the Primacy 4 for another Cross Climate which I have done, but the dealer says there is no law to stop anyone from having two different tread pattern tyres on the same axle.

Asked on 28 June 2023 by Geoff Bowley

Answered by David Ross
It is not illegal to have differing tyre patterns or makes on the same axle. As long as the construction and size is the same - almost all modern tyres are radial - there is no issue.

However, the Cross Climate is an all-season tyre while the Primacy is a summer tyre and have significantly different grip characteristics, so we would strongly advise against mixing these tyres on your car.
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