Can I park on white lines outside my house?

I recently moved into a property where my next door neighbour has a white line outside his house. That’s fine, but the problem I have is that his white line extends 4ft over my frontage making it hard for me to park my car. Are there any actions I could take?

Asked on 21 June 2023 by David Wills

Answered by David Ross
Unless the white lines were painted by your neighbour, they are the responsibility of your local council. Strictly speaking they have no legal standing and are officially termed 'access protection markings', so it is most likely that your neighbour has paid to have the lines painted outside the house.

We would suggest contacting your local council to request information on the installation of the lines and to see if they can be altered so they are not encroaching outside your house. You do of course have the option to park on them regardless, or you may wish to politely discuss the matter with your neighbour before contacting the council to avoid any possible disagreements.
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