I'm looking to buy either a new Jaguar XE or a Genesis G70 - which is the better option?

We are looking to replace my car in the next six months and need a bit of your advice.

My wife has taken a shine to the Jaguar XE so we have been looking at a new one. I have moved away from diesel engines as my mileage is approximately 10,000 a year, but the Jaguar D200 MHEV on paper looks good on price and CO2 figures, while the petrol model has higher CO2 and appears less attractive as well as much more expensive to buy. Which option would be better?

With car prices on the up I am keen to keep the cost to under £40,000 with regards to luxury car road tax cost. I have also looked at the Genesis G70 which looks a beautiful car, but the emissions for the petrol and diesel engines is higher than the Jaguar, but the purchase price a bit lower for a higher spec and comes with a five year total service warranty package.

Looking at long term value and resale value, what do you think is the best option?

Asked on 22 March 2023 by James Harbison

Answered by David Ross
In respect of petrol versus diesel, the latter still represents the better option in terms of fuel consumption, although both options are likely to suffer from increasing VED rates over the next few years. With your relatively low annual mileage, unless all of your journeys tend to be motorway trips we would suggest petrol as the better choice to avoid any issues with diesel particulate filters.

As for the choice of the Jaguar XE compared to the Genesis G70, the Jaguar offers the better driving experience while the G70 has a better ownership package, particularly in terms of the warranty and Care Plan. Residual values will mean the G70 will likely lose more money over the years, but this is partly offset by the lower purchase price. If trouble-free ownership over a number of years is the key, then we would go for the Genesis, but in all other respects the Jaguar is the better car.
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