How do I change car ownership to my name?

I bought a secondhand car from a dealership four years a go and embarrassingly didn’t realise I had to process the change of registered owner, I presumed they completed this. I have the green V5 new keeper slip and been using this to tax the vehicle and kept up to date with MoT. I don’t know how to go about getting the car changed to my name after all this time and I am really worried.

Asked on 10 October 2022 by Lauren draper

Answered by Lawrence Allan
Don't worry! It is the dealer's responsibility to send off the full V5C form (the new keeper slip is torn off and the whole form should be sent). The DVLA should have recorded you as the registered owner if you are taxing it, but to receive the full V5C in your name you will need to apply for a vehicle registration certificate by filling out a V62 form, found on the government's website here:
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